Day Fourteen

I'm self-teaching myself presentation skills through I feel really fancy. I also pitched an idea for an installation piece during a casual conversation involving pretzels. Now I'm listening to the soundtrack from Ninja Turtles, which is pretty awesome. It makes me feel tough. It's my second favorite, with Dead Pool coming in first.

Co-hosting tonight at ODD Couples. I'm excited. I tried writing some last night but ended up just doodling for the work presentation. I'm going to incorporate my drawings that I do for bartenders. Maybe I should re-illustrate my children's book, I'm Glad My Best Friend's Dead. It's the story of two finches, Skittle + Scuttle. Skittle is beautiful like the rainbow, Scuttle is just kinda plain. Scuttle bullies Skittle until he dies and then sings with joy. Then he lives on for years alone, and sad. This is a terrible children's story. What story does it teach? Basically, it's Beauty & The Beast with two male finches. Except they don't fall in love and Beast is cursed to die alone.

Don't be a shitty person.

I think this is a great children's moral.


Why isn't there a Beauty & The Beast with two men? Or maybe an all male cast? That would be magnificent! I'm going to pitch this idea. 

Yeah... these are the types of random thoughts that I have to myself all day. You know, while I stare at my rainbow heart unicorn that wears a sombrero year-round and sits on my desk judging me with the side-eye glance.

I'm an adult.