Plus None

I always thought it was tacky not allowing a plus one for your wedding guests... and then I fell in love, wanted my own wedding and realized money is the root of all evil.

When you tick that plus one box, I don't see the charming person that enjoys romcoms and banana sundaes - no, I see a booze soaked stranger about to go their millennial version of wedding crashers on the most expensive (and important) day of my life to date.

So when I ask you not to bring your summer fling, I'm not judging you for your poor taste in romantic partners - I'm just saying I don't want to pay for your mistakes. Consider this my gift to you, I'm preventing you the anguish and embarrassment of having to ask me to MS paint your date out of my wedding photos for all of eternity.

...and I should know, because I did this to every one of my friends that allowed a plus one.

XOXO The Bride

Shhh... it's the wine talking

Wedding speeches are a tired and tried tradition. I'd rank them alongside wearing virginal white, stealing something blue and that grotesque display of removing a thong-esc lingerie item with your teeth from your future spouse... in front of your whole family.

Asking to give a speech at a wedding is like ordering salmon on a plane, absolutely disgusting. So shall we not?

There is the brief occurrence, when someone you love and cherish has the eloquence and the wherewithal to speak works of genuine beauty... but who are we kidding, it's an open bar. That's one in a million.

I don't need your well wishes, don't give me advice when you've multiple failed marriages beneath your belt. Instead tell me of what you would have done differently, how you would have loved harder, how you would have changed your tone during petty arguments and how listening is the key to a healthy relationship.

So instead of all that, sign our guestbook... and raise a glass, to those could not be here, to those we'll always love, and those... we unfortunately, felt obligated to invite.

XOXO The Bride


If you aren't familiar with the term Bridezilla, don't waste your time watching reruns on Lifetime. Google Diane White, who coined the term back in 1995.

Well Diane, maybe you never spent hours laboriously searching for all of your favorite songs that you feel represent your relationship... probably because no one LOVES YOU DIANE.

... So anyway, with the help of our amazing DJ Brad McCray we have carefully cultivated a playlist that is sure to annoy and bring joy to our guests. So please, do not bother him with requests. Wait until the wedding is over, you're happily drunk in an lyft home and blasting spotify if your own ear holes.

XOXO The Bride


Magic Mike was not a comedy

"The Kid" might as well have thrown Mike out of the car ala Pretty Woman (the original ending). That might have been less painful to watch honestly. WHY DID YOU DO IT, KID?

Now I clearly haven't seen Magic Mike XXL, but why bother? I imagine it's what would have happened after they didn't live happily ever after, and Vivian became a high-end Hollywood escort.

There's a lot of unhappily ever after in life. I see it with my friends a lot, especially lately. I think it comes with getting closer to thirty. 

Love hurts. It aches, it hurts to breathe. You feel like the pain will never stop and no one can help you...

Heartbreak feels like alcohol poisoning

It's extremely easy to give advice when you're happy. Not because you haven't felt pain, or because you want to discredit or diminish the person experiencing it. Our human minds are meant to forget pain; like actually. It's a survival mechanism (thanks, psych 101). 

A few years ago I had necrotising fasciitis (aka: flesh-eating disease). To this day I know it was the single most painful thing that I have ever experienced. I literally felt my body eating itself alive. I told the doctor's to let me die and I meant it.

Since then I've broken my foot, my nose, gotten multiple tattoos and had my heart destroyed (emotionally). When someone asks me, "Did that [experience] hurt?" I respond with something blase, "I had flesh-eating, this can't compare,"

Which honestly is kinda at least partly true. It was the worst pain of my life. Then again, when I got my shoulder tattoo - that felt like the worst pain I've ever felt. Breaking my foot, that was excruciating.

The point is, pain is individual and situational. It isn't a game and it shouldn't be considered as a challenge. 

Pain is felt in many ways, inflicted by many forms. Just because someone has experienced a situation that you deem to be "less painful", doesn't mean what they are feeling isn't justifiable to them.

All pain is real

I struggle with empathy for relational pain. It's fairly easy for me to brush off rejections and getting stood up. I have an entire life of [theatre] rejections to console me. I wept harder when I wasn't cast for certain roles than I have for the majority of my past relationships to date.

For the year or two that I had the blog, How To Lose a Guy in One Date - I was stood up constantly. Or had my date make up an excuse to leave almost immediately. Or maybe they just told me straight to my face they didn't think I was pretty, or interesting. Getting stood up has often felt like a blessing since then. This person realized before even meeting me that we're not the right fit! No one wasted their time and now I have a night to myself.

...but this isn't how the majority of people feel, and when I speak to this - it can hurt those I care about. 

It isn't because I'm a sociopathic monster (right?), it's because pain is individualized and managed by the person feeling it. Like those pain scales at the doctor - which are stupid by the way for physical pain. I think they're the perfect representation for emotional tragedy.

What is painful to others, may not even feel bad to me. Then again, my day could be ruined because someone at the grocery store thinks I'm rude for not hearing them say "pardon me," as I stand in the [organic] vegetable isle talking to my Mom about how much I love Scandal. This has actually happened. 

Also - it's "excuse me" before, "pardon me" after.

THAT'S WHY I IGNORED YOU. Your grammar is atrocious.

(Confession: In my capslock rage I spelled grammar wrong. We all make mistakes...)

Growing Up Is Hard To Do

You know - just like Blink 182 said, and they're the voice of my generation. They're my "how white my shirts should be".

Society is going downhill based on this statement and comparison of lyrical prose alone... because no, I did not mean Britney Spears.

I don't really have a way to end this. I think because there isn't a [good] way. This isn't a "kiss it and make it better," situation.

This is real life.

... and sometimes, it fucking sucks.