...so you didn't get invited

So what?

The only time you should feel truly slighted over the lack of a wedding invite is if it's your own damn wedding.

Think of weddings like Myspace. If you didn't make the top six and you care, you better be under the age of 17 or I honestly don't feel bad.

Creating a wedding invite list is timely, costly, and awkward. Do I invite her, she hates him... and what about them? Remember that one time? We haven't seen each other in years, are we even friends?

It's oddly ironic how weddings become less about the people getting married and more about appeasing the guests. What will other people want? What will they enjoy eating and drinking? What is their favorite music?

What about me?! You know me, over here... the person getting married?! Being all selfish and spending a small fortune to prove to you I love the person I already spend my life with.

I'm over here....does anyone care?

XOXO The Bride